Bonny Moss

Dam ~ Mother

Bonny has a lovely quite nature and is content to just be chilling out in your company. She is our very happy princess.

Bella Moss

Dam ~ Mother

Bella has a loyal nature. She is eager to impress and loves a challenging game.

Bindi Moss

Dam ~ New Mum

Bindi is a playful little sweetie. She loves nothing more than snuggling up on a lap for tummy rubs!

Bandit Moss

Sire ~ Hopeful!

Too cute for his own good ~ Bandit loves playing in water and with his favourite toys.

Gary Moss

Sire ~ Veteran

A very loving and gentle soul, sticking to us like glue and car rides are always a top priority!


Sire ~ Veteran

A very strong and handsome lad, Rowdy is an adventurous character.